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The Conservatory Acting Program prepares the student actor for the creative challenges of a professional career in theatre, film, television and the entertainment industry as a whole.

Through four semesters of sequential and concentrated study, students undergo rigorous training of the body and voice.  Students train under the guidance of professional artists, with an emphasis on the rehearsal process, the job of the actor and professionalism.

Instruction is designed to give the student a maximum amount of theatrical experience while focusing on the development of practical skills.  Classes and rehearsals are conducted to reflect actual working conditions that students will find in the professional world.

The Conservatory offers a unique training environment where students can feel safe and completely free to explore, take chances and grow as artists.

Acting ensembles at The Conservatory also reflect the realities and diversity of the real world of the professional, with an average student age of 29, and ages ranging from 20 to 50 years.  Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and bring the wealth of their experiences to the classroom.  Some students begin their work at The Conservatory with no previous acting experience at all, while others have already completed an undergraduate degree in theatre or another discipline.  Still others are beginning to train for an acting career after years in another occupation.

There is one thing that all students at The Conservatory share - a single-minded dedication to the craft of acting.

Prospective students who share this dedication and desire will find a welcome place in our ensemble and begin their own artistic journey toward becoming professional artists.

Conservatory Acting Program
Candidates for the Diploma in Acting must successfully complete designated requirements totaling 60 credit hours with a minimum 2.0 quality point average.  The normal time in which a student completes the program is 17 months.  Diplomas are conferred at the end of each spring semester.