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The Conservatory provides students with the vehicle, the ensemble, the space, instruction of dedicated professionals and the audience so that they may discover and learn in an atmosphere that reflects a professional working environment.  In this unique training environment students are free to take chances and test themselves.  Specifically, the goals of our training are:

1. train the actor's instruments - body, voice and mind

2. develop the actor's physical and vocal dynamics as acting tools

3. develop the actor's concentration and discipline

4. encourage creative individuality

5. teach the actor through physical acting to develop his or her body as he or she is learning technique and skills needed to perform

6. teach the actor to analyze script to find throughline, character spine and intentions in the text

7. develop technical literacy

8. develop self-confidence and a positive self-image

9. develop the ability to work cooperatively with others as a member of an ensemble dedicated to the total performance

10. expose the actor to a broad range of dramatic literature and styles from classics to new works

11. reinforce the rehearsal process through repetition under the guidance of professionals

12. provide a thorough understanding of the business aspects of working professionally

13. prepare the actor to audition for a variety of venues and media